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Just My Luck

On a dry Monday morning, laden with grief to get to office for the meeting on time, I was hurrying when the thunder struck me..  well not literally..

Playing on my MP3 was

“Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,..”

Then found myself at the signal where most of the traffic halted. I was just slowing down when I saw the Traffic constable waving at me to slow down and pull over..

“Life’s goin’ nowhere,

Somebody Help me.

Somebody Help me, yeah”

Then somebody did help me.. the constable  turned around to face the other side of the signal. I made a move and luckily, the light turned green. Now it is all just my luck..

“Got the wings of heaven on my Shoes,

I am a dancing man and I can’t just lose”

I caught the chance and sped as soon as I could..

“And now it’s alright, it’s OK,

And you may look the other way”

That’s when I heard a whistle blow behind my back.. but dare I turn around..

Then I continue to Hymn..

“Ah ha ha ha Stayin’ Alive…………..”

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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Travel


An Evening at Necklace Road

I was going by the necklace road (Hyderabad,India) enjoying the cold breeze on my Scooty, when I saw this happen. There were few couples who were enjoying the evening as well, at the lawns there. What I hear all of a sudden is a police Siren.. when i turned to see the source, i saw a peech mithai wala playing it on.. for a few seconds I was blank.. It then struck to me that this was his idea to advertise and he was doing this just to attract the attention of couples sitting nearby.. Who says there is a Brain Drain when i see these amazing people around.. it is just that we lack in infrastructure.. 🙂

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Posted by on August 12, 2011 in Travel