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This is a journey that will end when i will know the real me.. but I am sure that by the time i reach there, I will have changed.. After all change is only constant.. :)

Routine day, routine job, same old boss to report to and the same old appraisal at the end of the year. But what makes it all better for us, I wonder? Is it the gossip over the coffee with colleagues, which includes the dream of the boss getting released from the project? Is it the chat Bhandar, where we just can’t have enough to fill the heart’s content? Is it the happiness when we book the tickets to a movie show at a time when we think it is absolutely impossible? Is it the ride in the cool breeze under a Saturday evening sun? Or is it having someone, to open the door for you, even if you have a spare key in your pocket?
I know, by now you must be thinking I am on the track to lose my mind, but Am I? Today evening on the way back from office, I have witnessed this sweet but not so important moment which taught me a lesson. Yes, I call it a lesson because I have, like most of the people, always seen a bigger picture of what I took from my life. How I worked hard, struggled and what I achieved and what am I to do going further. All that is good.. but to surrender your every thought to it? That’s the lesson I learnt. J
I was, as usual, singing to myself while on the ride back home.. I saw the traffic slowing down so I slowed my pace.. I saw a guy walking towards the traffic to the side of the road. He then picked something from the ground. It was a ladies Sandal. He was smiling and started walking ahead where he had parked his bike. Standing next to the bike, was a girl blushing and smiling at the guy. Now, I knew who that sandal belonged to. I moved out of there just in time to hear to the guy say “ Inka pelli kooda kaledu…. “ Which means “We are not married yet and already… “.
I was thinking to myself, it is these moments that we live for, small things which don’t weigh much in terms of anything materialistic. But have their imprints left on the memories that we hold for a life time. A lovely togetherness and a pinch of craziness can get to overcome any hurdle in life.

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Certainty makes you confident but uncertainty teaches you to be hopeful.

Certainty makes you confident but uncertainty teaches you to be hopeful.
The beauty of uncertainty: “found and lost” could become “lost and found”

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People who stay in the past forget the fact that they are staying in a present that will become past in a jiffy and, they will again be pondering over it. So, just try to make your present as healthy and lively as possible. Life is all about making memories!

Life is all about making memories!

People who stay in the pa…

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Choices, we take,

Mistakes, we make;

Leave us, to us,

And we, shall never break.

Hearten your soul,

Gear up, to your goal;

Leave nothing at stake,

For the path that you take.

To regret, is to die,

Believe and you fly high,

For nothing is worth, a tear in your eye.

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Just My Luck

On a dry Monday morning, laden with grief to get to office for the meeting on time, I was hurrying when the thunder struck me..  well not literally..

Playing on my MP3 was

“Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,..”

Then found myself at the signal where most of the traffic halted. I was just slowing down when I saw the Traffic constable waving at me to slow down and pull over..

“Life’s goin’ nowhere,

Somebody Help me.

Somebody Help me, yeah”

Then somebody did help me.. the constable  turned around to face the other side of the signal. I made a move and luckily, the light turned green. Now it is all just my luck..

“Got the wings of heaven on my Shoes,

I am a dancing man and I can’t just lose”

I caught the chance and sped as soon as I could..

“And now it’s alright, it’s OK,

And you may look the other way”

That’s when I heard a whistle blow behind my back.. but dare I turn around..

Then I continue to Hymn..

“Ah ha ha ha Stayin’ Alive…………..”

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Hmm – Hindi

Kya Socha, kya paya…

Zindagi Ki Dhoop aur Gham ka Saya.


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Sad Moods

Why do they say I am alive, when they declare people without a heartbeat dead..

You were my Heart beat.. and now you are gone

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